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Corona Bingo

During personal quarantine I put my ear to the digital ground to see if I could find some of the cultural changes that are happening in real time as a result of societal pressures. Culture evolves, and the way we interact must as well; therefore, new ways of having fun as a cultural connection through joy has emerged in the form of distance partying.

One such distance party emerging is the double entendre “Corona” along with the familiar game of Bingo. To play this game, Individuals make their own game cards with a list of terms that are rapidly becoming part of the nightly news lexicon. This omnipresent news cycle has created a saturation of terms and phraseology that soon becomes irritating. Ergo- Corona Bingo!

Here is a representative list of terms that fill a 5 x 5 bingo card (remember to make enough for the (adult) family randomly.)

1. Quarantine

2. In the New Economy

3. Bailout

4. Essential Employees

5. Social Distancing

6. Contagion

7. Economic Stimulus Package

8. Trump’s Fault

9. Obama’s Fault

10. Face Mask

11. Hand Sanitizer

12. Toilet Paper Shortage

13. County Mandate

14. Wuhan

15. Raw Bat

16. Wet Market

17. CDC

18. Class of 2020

19. Fauci

20. Prince Charles

21. Recession

22. Vaccine

23. Available Testing

24. Plague

To play this game, of course, a person needs to mark every box once heard and the first person to make a straight line yells, “BINGO” in addition to the standard rules, you take a drink of Corona beer each time. Everyone’s favorite version seems to be blackout……..where you drink so much you black out.

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