• Bodie English

Mother's Day Makes Father's Day Look Like Father's Day

Just kidding.

To help celebrate Father's Day it's important to recognize all of the ways in which Father's make a positive impact on our lives. Whether it's cutting the gum out of your hair with a pocket knife, advising you to pee on your arm if you had a brush with a bull nettle, or telling you to touch your tongue to a 9 volt battery. This may seem juvenile but father's really do teach you about trolling and naivety from a young age. There's a format dating back to the dawn of man where fathers play a role of finding a balance between toughening you up and keeping you safe.

We often compare the festivities between Mother's Day and Father's Day as being disproportionately favoring the mother, but the reality matches the occasion, fathers appreciate the simplicity itself as a virtue. Some beef jerky, new socks and a box of ammo of the wrong caliber shows you care...and that you remember when he told you to "walk it off!" When you got bit by a dog.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there for keeping everyone strong.

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