• Bodie English

Quarantine? More Like BORINGtine!

As county and state officials have issued declarations beyond social distancing and groups of 10 or fewer, essentially house arrest, People are beginning to become unhinged. On one hand you have people continuing their typical habits of social shaming via their facebook and Instagram platforms on the other hand you have five fingers…...sorry, this isolation is making me tell dad jokes. To continue…..what was I saying? Oh, right, Some people are projecting their personal fears into social media outbursts from dark corners of their couch.

Binging on social media did not begin with this viral outbreak, but it is exacerbating it. I just had to spell check exacerbating…..do you ever realize when you’ve written a word for the first time? I think this is the first time i’ve spelled “exacerbating”, I mean, I’ve known what it meant, I’ve used it in plenty of sentences, but I just never used it in a written sentence. Okay, back on track, I was talking about.. habits? Yes, so in times of isolation and changes in routine, it’s important to find new routines and habits that are healthy and productive. Social media and the news are important aspects of life, but they can consume people, cause anxiety, and ultimately create bitterness, hostility and all your friends will block you digitally to the point where you are text yelling into a screen. Have you ever had a phone call drop, but you didn’t realize it and before long you’ve been talking to no one for over 5 minutes? That’s a good sign that you’re talking more than listening.

Experts have suggested that limiting screen time is as important for adults as it is for minors. (I’m sure they do, I just said it, but i’m sure if you google it you’ll find something...don’t be lazy) So what are some of the ways in which you can be productive and healthy when you “can’t even?” As my previous article demonstrated, there are lots of things that you’ve been meaning to get to and never had the time; well now it’s here. You have time, you just need the motivation. If social media is your binge, make a post asking people, “What should I be doing right now instead of being on Facebook?” That’s right, I’m telling you to outsource your personal responsibility to your “friends” online. I just did so myself and here are a few unedited responses:

“Don’t you still owe me 20$” “Take a shower, you stink.”

“Have you considered apologizing for your outfit.”

“I’m not sure who you are or why we’re friends on facebook, so you can delete me.”

“Go fold your laundry.”

That last one was from my wife, so she’s actually telling me to get off the computer and do something useful. My time here is up, and I think I’ve made my point.

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