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Space Force Hates This One Simple Trick!

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

The United States Military takes on a brand new 8th venture that has its very roots in the first Continental Army in 1775 when America first decided to organize a plural body of men and weapons to enact a compelling and overwhelming amount of violence on another body of men directed by the leader of a distant governing body from whom the dominant culture and organization of communal structure was increasingly distant and culturally distinct from the newly generated culture predicated on a prevailing sense of equality and distrust of hierarchical structures of power…...Now that you know all there is to know about the genesis of the United States, we can contextualize the frontier of space as the new theater for a projection of power.

The Space Force, or USSF, exists within the United States Air Force but is distinctly different because, as recent scientific studies have demonstrated, there is no air in space. This new frontier and enterprise is no surprise to those in the community of what is often referred to as “the educated” because the resulting progress into the arena of scientific development, otherwise known as “warfare,” has exponentially increased at a rapid pace,....which is what exponential means, and if you had paid attention in math class when the teacher was drawing curvy lines on the board, while you were flicking paper footballs, you would know that.

This brings us back to the advent of the Space Force function. The Cold War allowed us to see that the arms race meant more than throwing metal at high rates of speed following Newton’s Law straight through cellular tissue. In fact, you could do the same thing with subatomic particles at higher rates of speed and deliver this in an airplane with no boots on the ground. When other countries joined the 21st century, having skipped a few steps with cheat codes, the subatomic warfare conceivable outcomes reminded everyone of the concept of a “Pyrrhic Victory”, a victory by which you can only win by losing yourself, which creates an untenable paradox and sent all of the non-despotic regimes back to the drawing table.

Ergo Space Force! The scientific age is not over and is in fact overlapping with the information age. Information about your opponents is the new bullet and a misinformed or manipulated populace is the new carnage. With the new battle ground being the minds of the citizens, Space Force aims to ironically take to the distant heavens in an effort to project power here at ground level. Space Force cadets can expect to find themselves in an awkward transition in the culture of warfare. Where current armed forces soldiers find themselves wearing patterned camouflage clothing to blend in with the natural terrain and be undetectable to enemy forces, space cadets can expect to be taught to dress and act as though they are not computer programming nerds. This will require new recruits to pass a series of training exercises that are meant to tap into their knowledge of computer coding languages, current fashion trends, algorithmic comprehension, and sociological understanding of bullshitting their peers on the internet. Therefore, most recruitment efforts are focused on Reddit, Facebook, “news” websites, and other social media applications that are ripe for emotional manipulation. This new army may very well be the first troll army.

At this point, one may find a similarly predictable outcome as the subatomic foray where other countries get in on the mass degeneration of the average mindsets will have a detrimental effect on everyone, not just the enemy. This new frontier of warfare however may be short lived as a result of a new form of weaponry currently available globally. Citizens can form a counterinsurgency and Space Force soldiers hate this one simple trick……..Don’t be so fucking gullible.

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