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SpaceX Astronauts- “We’re gonna dip on outta here for a while and let things calm down a bit.”

This afternoon’s delayed space launch by the private Industry SpaceX headed up by Elon Musk was delayed from last Wednesday which caused a bit of a panic among the NASA astronauts. When asked if it was the unfavorable weather conditions that gave them anxiety, astronauts

Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley both looked at each other and Bob replied, “Nah man, I just need some space.” I thought he had planned this pun, but he didn’t smile, he looked upset. Doug patted him on the back and went further.

"People are just crazy right now; things aren’t looking good so we’re gonna dip on outta here for a while and let things calm down a bit.”

With that, the two closed their super cool new looking bubble helmets which no doubt have lots of cool updated tech features like Instagram and Snapchat projected onto their lid. I’m not sure if that’s true; I asked, and they ignored the question. I was quickly ushered out of the loading area as I had been found out to have falsified credentials.

This day is remarkable not only for being the first time a private company has taken the NASA astronauts into space, but also because of the somber mood that was created due to our astronauts breaking up with us.

The reasons for our parting ways are still too raw to be explored at the moment. I just need some time alone... to reflect on things. Might go burn down my fence since my Amazon package didn’t arrive on time.

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